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[Jun. 29th, 2006|06:47 pm]
it seems like i only want to post something here when i have something to whine about...

well brace yourselves because this entry is no different.

physics blows.

ok, not the subject. i actually really enjoy learning physics--as nerdy as that sounds. i just wish i could be finished with the class. i have SIX more weeks left of summer school. SIX WEEKS.

august 11 will be my last day. let me tell you, i cant wait any longer.

i need a break.

ugh. im so sick of waking up going to school coming home, going to work, doing homework, going to bed and then waking up and doing the same thing all over.

sick of it.

i go online--like myspace and occasionally this site. that's my fun.

sometimes the square. but not often enough because i have an exam EVERY OTHER FRIDAY.

f this.

i can't wait until august 11. i will sit on my bum and eat junk food and watch tv ALL DAY LONG! and hopefully the square is still going on--ill go there and get a bit tipsy and meet some new people and hear some good music and i will have a grand time.

ohhhhh august eleventh, i cannot wait to see you.